April 24, 2023

A Tech Conference for Collaboration

Sandi Barr

Engineering Architect at Cisco

Automating Accessibility Assurance in Angular Applications

Assemble a comprehensive toolkit for automated accessibility testing in Angular applications using tools and libraries that have already been widely adopted and supported by the Angular community. Configure your workspace with Angular ESLint's accessibility rules to get feedback directly in the template code and fix issues early in development. Write unit tests with Angular Testing Library that interact with applications the same way a user would, including users of assistive devices. Verify the accessibility of fully running applications in Cypress end-to-end tests that use cypress-axe to run an extensive series of automated tests with the underlying axe-core accessibility testing engine. Automate checks at each stage of development and release by incorporating these tools into your development process and continuous integration pipeline to ensure your Angular applications are more accessible to all users.


Sandi Barr is an Engineering Architect at Cisco where she collaborates with teams of engineers building Angular applications in an Nx monorepo. As a contributor to Angular ESLint, Sandi is on a mission to improve the accessibility rule set. Outside of life behind a keyboard, Sandi would almost always rather be out riding one of her electric unicycles, skateboards, or e-bike.