April 24, 2023

A Tech Conference for Collaboration

Sam Basu

Developer Advocate

State of Mobile Development

It’s 2024. Thankfully, developers have a lot of choice in how to build for mobile form factors. Mobile strategy can often be an afterthought – in reality, it needs to be driven by type of app, audience, platform reach, developer expertise & need for code reuse. Is Mobile web still an option? Have PWAs matured enough to prove the web as a distribution medium? What key factors demand native mobile apps for iOS/Android/Windows? Can you target dual screen devices or share code with wearables? Developers also want to leverage preferred technology stacks - .NET or JavaScript. .NET MAUI sounds like the next-generation .NET cross-platform story – is it truly native & does it allow bringing in web technologies? How do NativeScript & React Native fare for JS Native apps? How do Blazor & JS Spa apps play in the mobile space? What could developers achieve with Flutter or Uno Platform or Avalonia? The answer to the correct mobile strategy is – it depends. Developers today can build true modern cross-platform mobile apps from single code base, with easy platform API access & matured tooling everywhere. The choice of technology stack should not matter as much. Design & UX are of utmost importance though. Let’s recap options, glimpse into the future and equip ourselves to build amazing mobile apps.


Sam Basu is a technologist, author, speaker, Microsoft MVP, gadget-lover and Developer Advocate at Progress Software. With a long developer background, he now spends much of his time advocating modern development platforms & tools on Microsoft/Telerik technology stacks. His spare times call for travel, fast cars, cricket and culinary adventures. You can find him as @samidip on the internet.