April 24, 2023

A Tech Conference for Collaboration

Monika Philp

Director of Talent and Transformation

Future of Work Panel

This panel will cover trends, challenges, and opportunities affecting the tech sector workforce. Our expert panelist will share their insights into the innovative ways they are solving solutions to some of the most pressing issues, from childhood STEM education to current tech professionals.


Born in a small town in Poland, Monika Philp came to the U.S. through a diversity visa lottery program. She is a wife, mother, community builder and tech advocate. She is passionate about connecting communities, inspiring leaders and helping people grow beyond their limiting beliefs. Mrs. Philp is currently the Director of Talent and Transformation at AIM, an innovative nonprofit whose mission is to grow a strong and diverse tech community through education, career development and outreach. In her current position, she continues to connect, empower, educate and give back to the community. She is an active community builder and co-organizer of Women In Technology of the Heartland Meetup group. According to her kids, she’s a bad cook but luckily she’s married to a chef.