April 24, 2023

A Tech Conference for Collaboration

Kamran Ayub

DevEd Consulting Chef

Automate Building Wealth Using the ESI Framework

Wish you had the confidence to quit tech, go live in the woods, and play D&D all day? You might be closer than you think. ESI stands for “earn, save, and invest” and it is the main loop that powers your wealth-building game. By turning the dials of ESI up or down, you can build a perpetual money-making machine. Learn how giving yourself a raise, geoarbitrage, house hacking, 401k automation, pay-yourself-first, and other financial design patterns help you automate your wealth building and reach financial independence faster. This is not an abstract talk, it’s a personal finance story. As the son of an immigrant, nobody taught me how to build wealth but as a Fortune 500 software developer I had the privilege of not needing to think about money… until I had kids. Paying 2X for daycare was a suckerpunch to the gut and that’s when I stumbled across the FIRE crowd. Sacrificing everything to retire early didn’t appeal to me but slowing down and enjoying the journey did. Even with a house, wife and three kids, applying the ESI framework took our 14% savings rate to over 50% after 2 years which let us take summers off, slow travel, and gave me the confidence to work for myself. I definitely play more D&D now but I don’t live in the woods. Yet.


Kamran is a DevEd consultant who helps developer marketers create lean, mean lead-generating content cuisine. He writes about how to avoid fast food developer content marketing in his DevEd Test Kitchen newsletter and hosts DevEducate, a podcast about creating remarkable developer learning experiences. He’s also a Pluralsight author and speaker at conferences like NDC, MDC, and MidwestJS. He is an amateur game designer, helps maintain the Excalibur.js open source game engine, has shipped 9 games, and is the founder of a SaaS for game enthusiasts. Previously, Kamran worked at Fortune 500 enterprises helping engineering teams optimize and scale consumer-facing brand websites. You can learn more at https://deved.love.