April 24, 2023

A Tech Conference for Collaboration

Christine Seeman

Senior Ruby/Rails Engineer at WP Engine

Listening - Your Communication Superpower

Everyone speaks about critical communication skills, but good communication isn’t just about talking to people but also listening to them. This under-taught skill may have lapsed in use and practice in the aftermath of Covid-19 but can be improved with proven tips and methods. Whether you are an individual contributor or someone who has people reporting to you, leveling up your listening can supercharge your career. Let’s discover active listening, the importance of nonverbal communication cues, and how to hone your empathic abilities to make you the finest teammate and leader you can be.


Christine is a lifetime learner from Omaha, NE (in the middle of the USA), where she likes to read too much and eats food that probably took too long to prepare. Professionally she’s helping solve problems on the Identity team at WP Engine, managed WordPress hosting. She loves working with Ruby, showing people that soft skills are essential and might be more challenging to learn than a new framework, and helps write secure, easy-to-read software that powers authorization and authentication at her company.