April 24, 2023

A Tech Conference for Collaboration

Arthur Doler

Senior Software Developer and Community and Culture Steward at Aviture

You’re Not Just Tired: The Psychology of Burnout

After the events of the last several years, burnout has been on everyone’s minds. Are you feeling nostalgia for the days when your job wasn’t such a hassle? Do you find yourself struggling to care about your job… or anything at all? You may be wrestling with burnout.. But what exactly IS burnout? If you’re dealing with it, what do you do about it, or how do you talk to someone else about it?Come and get a glimpse beneath the surface of this phenomenon in this talk pulling from both personal experiences and psychological studies. You’ll learn the basics of burnout... and also what sorts of situations lead to it, how it can intertwine with other mental challenges including trauma, and why fixing it isn’t just as simple as taking time off work. Most importantly, you’ll learn things you can start doing tomorrow to bounce back from burnout, and how you can even help prevent it for yourself and others.


Arthur (or Art, take your pick) has been a software engineer for 18 years and has worked on things as exciting as analysis software for casinos and things as boring as banking websites. He is an advocate for talking openly about mental health and psychology in the technical world, and he spends a lot of time thinking about how we program and why we program, and about the tools, structures, cultures, and mental processes that help and hinder us from our ultimate goal of writing amazing things. His hair is brown and his thorax is a shiny blue color.