April 24, 2023

A Tech Conference for Collaboration


Dmitri Atrash

Designing for All: The Importance of Inclusive Product Design

User Experience and Product Designer
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Kamran Ayub

Automate Building Wealth Using the ESI Framework

DevEd Consulting Chef
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Sandi Barr

Automating Accessibility Assurance in Angular Applications

Engineering Architect at Cisco
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Sam Basu

State of Mobile Development

Developer Advocate
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Sam Basu

Lessons Learnt from 10 years of Developer Advocacy

Developer Advocate
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Audrey Crane

Moving from Feature Teams to Product Teams

Chief Growth Officer and Partner at DesignMap
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Taylor Desseyn

Recruiters Suck. Use them.

Practice Leader - Vaco Technology Global Solutions
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Rhia Dixon

Getting Good at Code Reviews

Lead Software Engineer - Full Stack Developer - Tech Connector - Diversity & Inclusion Advocate
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Arthur Doler

You’re Not Just Tired: The Psychology of Burnout

Senior Software Developer and Community and Culture Steward at Aviture
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Andrew Ek

Building Orderly Systems through Strategically Applied Chaos

Principal Engineer, LaunchScout
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Todd Gardner

Client-Side Observability

💩 JavaScript Happens | Notepad Programmer | Web Development, Performance, and Observability | Building TrackJS & Request Metrics.
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Vaibhav Gujral

10 Azure Services every developer needs to know

Cloud Architect | Director at Capgemini | Microsoft Azure MVP | Leader at Omaha Azure User Group
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David Handlos

Prioritizing Your Performance Tests

Sr. Software Engineer, Q2 Software
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Courtney Heitman

Navigating Screen Readers

Accessibility Program Manager
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Cory House

The 7 Pillar Developer: Lifestyle Systems for the Exceptional Developer

Author / Consultant
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Jim Kudirka

Righting code with SOLID design

Founder & Chief Architect, Premier Software Systems, LLC
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David Neal

Public Speaking without Barfing on Your Shoes

Ambassador of Awesome
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Lara Newsom

Code Hoarders: Tackling Tech Debt

Software Engineering Technical Leader - Cisco
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Amanda Perkins

The Human Side to Testing

Quality Architect, Rocket Homes, @theqadiva
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Monika Philp

Future of Work Panel

Director of Talent and Transformation
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Christine Seeman

Listening - Your Communication Superpower

Senior Ruby/Rails Engineer at WP Engine
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Jennifer Wadella

The Problems Micro Frontends Won't Solve That No One Wants to Talk About

Founder, Kansas City Women in Technology
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